After hearing about the devastating news about damage created by a thunderstorm to the building of Coventry Citizens Advice, VISAV offered to help with the repairs to the building.  Kate Algate, CEO said 'it was so stressful seeing water literally coming down from the ceilings and questioning how we were going to repair it. As a local charity, we struggle to secure funding for such events and it was a relief when VISAV said they would support us, especially at such a busy time when demand for our services are so high.'

 picture showing water damage

Kate also told us, "As a grade 2 listed building, the maintenance is ongoing and is costly.  Just the pure volume of the storm overconsumed the flashing on the roof and caused the leak in one of our offices." Kate sent us written gratitude as you can read below.

If you are interested in knowing more about this historic building and, in fact, the history of the buildings for Coventry CAB, see 75 Years of Coventry Citizens Advice Bureau put together by the Coventry Telegraph.

Thank you letter from Kate Algate at Coventry Citizens Advice Bureau

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