crates plus shelves of food to be distributed

The shareholders, Board of Directors and Employees at VISAV have a keen interest in helping our clients to keep people safe.  We do this every day by providing, developing and supporting over 10,000 Police, Fire & Rescue, Local authority, PCC and Volunteer administrators to connect with members registered on the Neighbourhood Alert system.

But beyond that we all take great pride in the social value projects we continue to support.  Over the years this has included:

  • COPS (Care of Police Survivors)
  • Community Garden project at St. Paulinus, New Ollerton, Nottinghamshire
  • Supporting vulnerable burglary victims by supplying and installing (free of charge) Ring doorbells for their peace of mind
  • Sherwood Sunset Calendar - proceeds distributed to local charities
  • Sherwood Food Exchange - at the start of lockdown one
  • Mesopotamia

Summer 2020, through our involvement with the Sherwood Food Exchange, we became aware of the great work Mesopotamia do to support many in need. We have given the Mesopotamia food bank a long term, financial commitment to support the direct, highly impactful and efficient work they do to feed and support hundreds of vulnerable people in need each month.  We are so taken with the operation that we have further provided administrative and technical support in addition to hundreds of hours of volunteer time by the owners of VISAV.

Supporting the charity is very rewarding and gives us all at VISAV a sense of pride and accomplishment.  It is very different to the help we offer clients from behind a desk and on zoom meetings but no less satisfying.  We all know we need VISAV Limited to do well in order to support the charities and social action projects we are so keen on, so knowing the difference we are making, as evidenced in the food pictures provides excellent motivation to continue our success.

The best way to alleviate your own issues is to reach out and help others.  We hope other businesses follow our example and put a proportion of their profits into local charitable projects, for one would be delighted to receive your support and be able to help even more people.

The five photograhs below demonstrate the amount of food Mesopotamia distibute weekly. Our monthly contribution allows them to purchase 800kg food/month and this enables the charity to feed, on average, 320 individuals in need each week!

Food Image 1 from Mesopotamiafood 4food 5

food 2NEWfood 3NEW


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