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The office and telephone support lines are open Monday to Friday
from 8:30am to 5:30pm.

Technical Support Lines
0115 924 5517
0115 924 5400

Out of office hours and during holidays, if you require support, please email support@visav.net

alertThe Neighbourhood Alert system is an online, secure community messaging system that allows authorised administrators to log in and send messages to registered people in the community, members of Neighbourhood Watch and other schemes (Tenants and resident Associations, Church Groups, Community contacts and members of Business Watch etc), who have chosen to receive them. Messages can be sent by email, telephone or text message by a range of approved Information Providers such as the Police, Neighbourhood Watch administrators, Trading Standards and the Fire Service.

transformingThe Neighbourhood Alert system has been designed and constructed by VISAV Limited: a Sherwood based I.T. and training company. VISAV Limited have sponsored Neighbourhood Watch in Nottingham since 2003 and the Neighbourhood Alert message broadcasting system has been developed to compliment their existing Neighbourhood Watch facilities.

VISAV Limited has also developed a Neighbourhood Watch administration back-office tool that provides an advanced I.T. solution for Police Forces, Local Authorities and members of Neighbourhood Watch. Facilities include a Scheme builder, Crime notification alerts, graphs and charts regarding crime on participating streets and an incident reporting system. The system represents an ongoing partnership with Nottinghamshire Police and a development partnership with eight UK police forces, the Neighbourhood and Home Watch Network (England & Wales) and Neighbourhood watch Scotland.

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